Real Unique Actual Ways to Make Money Online Now

legitimate ways to make money online

It’s strange, today, anybody can learn how to make money online now. When you realize what has transpired in the past 16 years with technology, one would wonder how did our civilization get by and survive without the internet and limited resourceful accessible knowledge. The current predicament the way information production is processed is quite contemporary with tech. Nonetheless, during those days, the idea of how data is perceived now contrast to the past is archaic compared to our lifestyle in these modern times, the birth of instant information. This revolutionary way of receiving information created a new generation of new entrepreneurs due to the arrival of the internet, now, everyone wants to learn how to make money online daily, nevertheless, its not hard.

The internet is helping people earn big and make money online fast 24/7. To start making money online requires a small learning curve, however, putting together a plan can become seemingly practical in this day in age of the internet. Want to figure out how to make money online on your terms that would eventually lead you to leaving your day-job and firing your boss? The reason you are reading this publication is to not necessarily get rich, but learn legitimate ways to make money online. Here are a few methods that I’ve personally used to earn a nice living online.


Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online


Here are 5 ways you can immediately start making money online now

1. Amazon or Amazon Kindle

A great website for selling movies, books, or rare items that cannot be found offline. Have a good idea for a novel? How about a guide? You can create an e-book by downloading free desktop application tools such as Open Office, then design great images using CorelDraw for classy graphics for your book cover(don’t have skills to design your book cover, hire someone from fiverr). After completing your e-book, place it on the KDP Amazon Kindle so it can be listed and seen by people interested in your subject. The price of a e-book could sale for $0.99 per copy to $80.00.


2. Start Your Own Blog

Starting a blog can literally earn you a six-figure salary per year if structured correctly. Do you have a passion for a subject that you would write about for free? If so, you’d certainly do it for profit. Purchase a domain from by registering a website name for $15.00 and choosing an affordable web hosting package for $6.95 a month.

Next, upload the WordPress blogging software located in your control panel. Third, choose a nice professional theme, lastly, the standard needed plugins(all in one seo – xml google sitemap). Now, start posting great articles related to your subject and make the material useful to your audience. Use keywords that people search for on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Find relative keywords using that pertain to your niche market and place them naturally within your articles or further content you create. Eventually, people will notice your work, including the top search engines.

Before entering a market, make sure it can sustainable to make money online, a commodity that can be sold to the public. Making money online from your blog is essential if you desire to have a job-free lifestyle. Here are a few ways your blog could earn money. The amount of money earned in the online industry is massive if constructed effectively.


  • Google Adsense – Sell space on your website to Google and get paid for every click made from your site to their ads. This game will depend on what market you have affiliated your website with. One click from a Google ad could cost an advertiser $15.00 while you pocket $6.00 as this is the agreement between Google and you(the ad publisher). Don’t get too happy, sometimes you will receive ad clicks that compensates you for less than $0.50.
  • Referral Products – Join an affiliate network to promote products on your blog related to your niche. There’s a profound amount of products you can sale on your website for companies willing to pay up to 60% for every sale you make for them. Why? Because the customer is a lifelong customer that belongs to them afterwords.
  • Create A Brand – Brand creation can catapult your business into a behemoth because you are separating yourself from the flock, regardless if the product is similar. What matters the most is the differentiation between products. Use a unique logo, mission statement, and unique benefit for using your product.


3. Launch Your Youtube Channel

The tools you need to make a decent video is a smartphone(I recommend it since videos are uploaded quicker to youtube) and a personality. No, you don’t have be perfectly on point when creating a video, but you must be transparent about what you represent. Videos can convert viewers into customers more than any other platform, including plain text since the individual can clearly see who they are doing business with.

Google owns Youtube and has setup an ad network for business to advertise which means you have the opportunity monetize greatly by allowing ads to be displayed on your channel. Upload 1 or 2 videos a day to keep your readers informed on your next product release. My suggestion? Create a huge following around your subject, people will listen. You don’t pay a dime for putting up videos, it’s free which means the sky’s the limit so be creative and create good content!


4. Start Social Media Business Pages

People join the social network everyday, over 2 billion people logon and off the #1 social network on the planet known as Facebook on a daily consistent basis. The beauty of social media is you can connect with all kinds of people around the world or simply those who are located in your city. Facebook isn’t the only one of its kind in existence, you have Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, and many more. Now, the major goal is to accumulate a tangible following in order to help those followers get what they need and you get paid for supplying that need.

Focusing on Facebook, more likely if you are reading then you have already acquired an account and have already reached old-school friends that you’ve connected with over Facebook. On the left panel of your dashboard in the section of your profile’s timeline you can launch a business page for whatever product or service you represent. When a Facebook user like your page, they will receive updates throughout their timeline on their personal profile whenever you release a new post on your business page’s timeline. The methods I’m about to share with you for growing the popularity of your newly published social business page doesn’t work exclusively for Facebook but other social networks in real-time as well:


  1. Share your page to your friends list.
  2. Constantly post content on your business page timeline.
  3. Collaborate with related business pages in your niche.
  4. Use hashtags[#] with content-related phrases when posting content.
  5. Share catchy images, videos, and content related to your subject.
  6. Have a blog? Share your Facebook business page with your readers.
  7. Use Facebook ads to grab the attention of users and possibly likes.


5. Create a Mobile Application

Every single big business has developed a mobile app for their customers to remain connected and the mobile trend has been spilling over to the average computer programmer for almost 10 years. From mobile games to mobile educational utility apps, the mobile industry has changed the face of technology and people who has the knowledge to control a product that can possibly turn into great wealth for an individual, no matter who you are or where you’re located on this planet. The process is simple, learn how to code then build your dream mobile application.

The only thing you need is creativity and a vision for a program that people will use. Currently, the leaders in the mobile industry for major mobile development that contain vast user-base are Apple and Android. Depending on the quality, and what purpose your app serve, you could monetize nicely by charging between $0.99, $6.99, or more per download. Want to began building an mobile app now? First, get a little education by developing with Android right now.

In Conclusion,

Anyone can start making money online fast or very slow. It depends on how ambitious and serious you are about breaking away from your corporate daytime job and building a business. Some people use their vacation time on launching their small business at home from off their computer, it can be done. Take one day at a time and grow at a pace, good luck.