MCA Motor Club of America Review, Benefits & History

Motor Club of America Review, Benefits & History


“We Get Paid 200% Commissions At Motor Club of America Every Friday (Double Up Fridays)!!!”



Motor Club of America – The Best Company for Roadside Assistance


motor club of americaPeople ask me about the organization and, “how have I spent my time during these 52 weeks in the year?”, I replied, “promoting Motor Club of America roadside assistance packages”. Why? Because this service is absolutely phenomenal if you are a motorist looking for adequate roadside assistance, that is what’s absent from your car insurance premiums, plus, we get paid $80 per signup. That’s more than any day job has to offer. Well, what is MCA and how does it work for the average subscriber? The coverage, such as the towing service feature, in which I use is pretty cool. For every incident that needs the assistance of a tow truck you are protected with over 100 miles per tow.

Along with 7,000,000 other members, I am a user of Motor Club of America membership. As a policy holder you have the chance to enjoy great roadside assistance benefits, including discounts from major hotels, and rental car services. I am extremely amazed how the simple signup process didn’t take 10 minutes, but less than 5. There is no obligation, contract, or any sort of commitment in order to become a member other than your monthly subscription fee per month, that’s it.

I’ve used it for Towing Jacksonville FL several times, there was an instance wherein my tire had gone flat in front of my home due to a nail being lodged in the grove. All I had to do was call them to send out a local mobile tire technician to swap out the defected tire with my spare and they’d came on time. The price I had to pay was zero! That’s right, Motor Club of America covered the expense which could have cost me nearly $100 dollars.

The income opportunity is one of those once in a lifetime chances of partnering up with a legitimate company that pays 200% commission per personal sale. After purchasing a policy for yourself, you can opt-in as a sales agent too. They can pay their sales agents so much because they don’t need to advertise or market the business, they leave this job up to their members who become sales agents. By referring others to the service, you get paid a nice profit and the organization gains a new monthly subscriber. No Motor Club that exist today offers such opportunity to it’s members.

Think about this, when you purchase a automobile from a dealer, the dealer would pay you a finder’s fee of $200 or more for referring a customer to their dealership, same thing goes for Motor Club of America! The difference is the money the car dealer pays is credited towards your next automobile payment, however, Motor Club of America compensates every recurring week (Friday) for those sales via bank deposit (cash money), money you CAN withdraw from the bank.

Overall, I love this company more than any other automotive related service. If you wish to learn more about starting your own career with us, or would like to purchase the unique service just contact me by clicking on the about section, I created this Motor Club of America Wiki for the person who is searching for answers, well, here is the review! Thanks for joining me on this session and hope you enjoyed the video, take care.

Learn more about TVC MCA roadside assistance today. The Total Security Plan is wonderful, and only cost $0.66 a day at $19.95 a month, you can’t compare such a great price for what all you receive from joining Motor Club of America.