How Many Weeks in a Month


how many weeks in a monthAs a Motor Club of America roadside assistance agent who must keep up with time, this is one of those questions that is asked back in the days of Kindergarten, the days when we are in deep learning. So, how many weeks in a month are there? First, let’s break down the hours. Astronomers did a really great job outlining the timing of our solar system, and profile of time. Count from 1:00am in the morning to 12:00pm at noon, that equals 12 hours all together, and if you count 1:00pm at night to 12:00am equals 24 hours all together.

Now, the answer to the question, “how many weeks in a month”? The answer is 4 weeks. On average, we have 30 days in a month and 7 days in a week. Simply divide 30 into 7 and the answer you’d generate is 4. Multiply days 7 by 4 and you will get 28 days including 2 extra days which will make up the remainder of 30 days. Overall, 12 months by 2 equals 24 more days. If you want to know how many weeks a pregnant woman must be before giving birth is 9 month.

Answer to the question to all my readers, How Many Weeks in A Month: The answer is 4.34812, however, if you round this number off you receive 4.

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7 Days = 1 Week
14 Days = 2 Weeks
21 Days = 3 Weeks
28 Days = 4 Weeks
+2 Extra Days = 30 Days (Full Month)