“‘How Many Weeks Are In A Year?’ and why it’s 52 weeks and not 48 weeks like many believe”


If you had not heard, the earth revolves around the sun according to astronomy at a rate that takes 24 hours at a set constant speed. This is called earth’s orbit. To put this in perspective, (24) hours = (1) day, and (7) days = (1) week. So, “how many weeks are in a year?”, it’s simple, we have 52 weeks for every passing year. However, the actual count on a specific level according to Google is 52.1775 weeks per year.

Consider astronomy, the sun and earth’s distance between each other is 149.59787 million kilometers, in other words, it’s 93 million miles away (it’s still hot in the summer, although the sun seems far off it sure doesn’t feel like it). If we count days in the year, the exact amount of days would be 365.256363004 days, equivalent to a full year. Do you have any idea what week of the year is it? Count 7 days from the beginning (7 days = 1 week) of the year which equals one week until you’ve reached your current present day, and that is how you get the answer.

Before the sun returns back to the meridian the earth must rotate fully around the sun in which we call, the solar day that takes on average 24 hours. We experience a leap year for every four years that past which includes an extra day on our calendar, that particularly is responsible for the extra 4 weeks that gives us approximately 52.29 weeks during this transition.

Astronomers have definitely laid out a complete calendar system, structured for us to follow. The Egyptians did it, as well as, the Aztec Indians for their civilizations. Do you have any input on this matter? Want more information? Proceed further.


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